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Selvan Shiv Kumar

USA Visit - Missouri
Some of the Images which i had taken during my Reuters Foundation Fellowship, at the University of Missouri, in 1997.

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  • Campus
    The Missouri University, is in the mid west of the USA and lodges more than 50,000 students studying various courses. This PJ School is at presented headed by the David Rees.
    Red Indians
    Reliving Tradition : These red Indian families of the MIssouri State got together at the University Campus to relive their tradition and pass on them to the students at the School in 1997 October.
    St. Louis
    St.Louis is the Capital of the Missouri State and has huge sky scrappers and The biggest Arch in the world. This City also houses the Bud Wiser Beer Breweries,which also happens to be the seller number one in the world.
    Some Place Eles / Route 66
    Man made History : This Place is about 5 miles away from the small town of Carthage and houses beautiful spots for staying out of this world. I had the opprtunity to go this place during the Photo workshop at Carthage in 1997. This town also has the route 66 which is secneic.
    Bud Wiser Beer Breweries
    The largest selling Beer Breweries in the world. I had this opprtunity when my dear friend Harinder Singh ( whose family was by photo story project ) helped me to get in to the breweries.
    Indians in USA
    Unity of Indians: This is the family of Harinder Singh at a get-together during the Haloween Party. I was their guest through out my stay in the USA. Some how when I returned to India I felt that the Indians in the USA are more united than in their own Motherland.

    Copyright @ Selvan Shiv Kumar
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