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Wild Life of India

These are some of the pictures taken from the national parks all over India " SAVE NATURE - SAVE WILDLIFE "
We have to save the wild before we get going to the concrete wilderness. That is the main reason for this page which i have put together so that you can take a close look at how the so called wild live in harmony . " let us all take a leaf from them to make this world a more beautifull place to live in ".

The Royal Bengal Tiger

Come take me before i am finished" Lepord "

Lioness - Not many left

White Tiger " one the few remaining "

On it's heels " Sambar

Licking it's tired paws " lepord "

No monkey business

Don't come close to me "RBT"

Opps - Excuse me Please "RBT"

That's cool .... an elephant gets a bath

Coots .. the migratory birds enjoying at the upper lake in Bhopal

An stroke seen taking off back to her original home after the winter halt.

Migratory birds in " V " formation fly back to their nest.

Closeness ... A fisherman & a Painted Stroke seen doing the same job " CATCHING FISH "

Parkeets in plenty .... As seen in my friend's roof top

Parkeets .. very clolourfull & intelegent species.

Black Bird .. a local resident

Red Brested worm eater ... a local migratory

Sarus Crane ... the endangerd Species

Comb Ducks ... Recorded for the second time in 10 years

Spoon Bill ... also a rare species

Brahaminical Duck's ... from the Himalayas

King Fisher .... Stalking his kill

The Fly ... very hard to get it on film

Black Buck ... endangered species

Deers ... they are very dear too.

White Bear ... allways on the move

Good Morning .... RBT

Don,t underestimate me ... RBT

The Black Bear ...

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