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Tribals of Bastar in the Newly formed State of Chattisgarh
The Bastar is the tribal region of the newly formed Chattisgarh state. These people are fond of eating ants and other insects. They are dark in complexion and rustic in beauty.

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  • The Women of Bastar are dressed with little clothes, and love to drink Sulfi.
    Madhya Pradesh, was till November 2000 the largest state in India. On the 1st of November at 12.01 a.m. the new chief minister was sworn in along with a new governor. The new state named Chattisgarh has got the coal mines, the diamond fields, the paddy and the naxalites. The Chattisgarh does have a rustic beauty in Bastar region , where the naxalasim is at the worst. The people's war group is very active in all the regions and are highly funded.

    Supprising to see that the State of Madhya Pradesh ( till november 2000) did not help the people of this region, though the central aid was given annualy - handsomely. The tribals have got together and have formed an group that helps the far flung villages with water, food and other essential commdities. The PWG ( people's war group) runs a parallel government in this region, and are admired by the tribals.

  • The Chattisgarh is the western ghats of the country, and his filled with dense forests. There are no trains in these part of the country and schools are miles away from the villages.
  • The Bastar tribals love their weekly market ( called HATT) held in a village which comes in turns. For any new entrant to bastar this bazar is a lovely palce to visit and photograph the innocense of the tribals.
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  • The women of Bastar walk for miles to work, and their packed food for the day.

    A old lady selling ants at the weekly Hatt ( bazar) in Village Bastar.

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