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Selvan Shiv Kumar

Land of the " GODS "
Story of people living on the worlds highest mountains " Himalayas "

Lama - yuru
This buddhist shrine is a beauty to look at. The local people belive that if one wishes for anything in this shrine it will be given. This shrine has got another name " hanging temple " as the structure from a distance looks to be hanging on mid air.
Surrounded by dry hills
The Himalayas is unique in many ways, as for miles on end one will just get to see rocks, boulders and sand & snow. Thus making it a photographers day to picture it under various shades of light, through out the day.
The ladakhi's are very religious people. The worshipers of lord Buddha , belive in a lot of luck and peace. Any new visitor to Ladakh will see alomst every local spinning the " wheel of Luck ".
Shanti " Peace"
This "Shanti Stupa" was constructed by the king of Japan in the early 80's. The king who was on a visit to Ladakh wanted to give back something to the place which ahd fetched him peace of mind durin his troubled days. Hence the name " shanti " meaning peace.

Thiksay Gompa
Thik - Sey is one of the few Buddhist Monestary's in the world to teach the paths of buddhism. This place houses the original writings of lord. There are monks of all age and they are rarely seen outside the Monestary. This structure has got room to house more than 10,000 monks at a time.
Leh Palace
The palace in leh is a beauty, as the construction done with sand stone has survived the time and distruction for almost two centuries. This palace during the leh festival his packed to the brim.

The Lord Buddha
Buddham, Sharanam, Kachami ... If any body chants these three words, they will attain mental peace and solace. This statue of lord buddha is at the Thiksay Gompa. Buddhism is a growing religion in India.

The (original) Aryans
Ladakh his any tourist's heaven. The people are mostly Tibetains and the locals are the first race of the Aryans. At present they are only a few families who are still left in the area with the original Aryan blood.

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