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  • Selvan Shiv Kumar:India-based lensman Selvan Shiv Kumar presents the photographs depicting the art, culture, wildlife and rich heritage of Madhya Pradesh, the central Indian state. Beautiful pictures of Indian faces, tribal populace, landscape, pictures from around the world including London (England) and USA, the far flung Bastar region in Chhattisgarh and the sleepy town of Bhopal ruled by over centuries by Muslim Nawabs and Begams. Interestingly, Bhopal rivals the great Islamic centres in the number of mosques. Bhopal has more than 450 mosques including Asia's largest mosque, the Tajul Masajid. Besides, temples, churches and Gurudwaras dot the landscape of the City. The city also has the wildlife national park, lakes and hills. The state of Madhya Pradesh is a favourite destination for tourists the world over with the Mandu, the city that epitomised the love of Baz Bahadur and Roopmati, Gwalior, the fort City, Khajuraho, well-known for its temples showing various forms of Kama Sutra, Ujjain, the City where Maha Kumbha is held, Pachmarhi, the hill station apart from folk and tribal culture which distinguishes the state in India.

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  • The Upper Lake, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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    Bhopal is a sleepy city in the Central parts of India, and was ruled by the Nawabs and Begums. A true Bhopali,loves his pan so much so that the whole city is painted red. This City his proud of one thing of owning about 20 lakes in all and they are backed by the Historical Monuments build by the Mogul rulers.

    Have fun in the city

  • of Lakes and Snakes !
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